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what people say

Experiences from a few of the hundreds of people whose journey I have joined...

"Your class has completely changed my life
and helped my relationships with so many people that I love.

Before the class everything negative that happened with my family caused me to feel depressed and helpless.

I now feel empowered because I control my feelings and I now have tools to help me keep my peace no matter what happens around me. [...]

My relationship with my youngest daughter is perhaps one of the biggest blessings I have enjoyed since I took this class. We have so much fun together and [my daughter] is sharing her life with me.
I have never loved my son as much as I do today
because I was able to let go of past experiences and he senses my unconditional love for him."


-Suzette Guerrero

"I feel like I have purpose and...I'm progressing as an individual....
For awhile I have been struggling with finding myself and feeling as though I am inadequate as 'just a mom'[...]. 
I have been feeling burnt out. 
This opportunity was literally heaven sent and I am so grateful for the light it has started to bring back into my life. 

It came at the exact time that I needed it, and
I will be forever grateful.”

-Marie Driesel

"I thought it would be a review of what I already learned...and that

I had so much going on in my life that it wouldn't be worth

the extra time and effort.  I was wrong. 

I am so glad that I went ahead and did it. 
I have learned things that were just what I needed."

-Linda Bjork

“I've had the amazing opportunity to take a  few of Jamie's classes! 
All I can say is they have been life changing!!!"

-Misty Olsen

"I was having a hard time with my daughter [...] and my life seriously changed. [...] I feel so much happier and my relationship with my mom is good and my relationship with my daughter is sooo much better![...] Thanks Jamie Knapp!"

-Chelsea Hardy

"This 6 week course has seriously changed my life. [...] I have grown so much during this course, and feel like I have taken leaps and bounds toward reaching my goals!!"

-Group Mentoring Online Participant

"Jamie was intuitive, compassionate.  I felt she could see and understand the best way to do her work in helping me to pull the answers out of me that I struggled to bring out of myself.  I came into this session with fear and dread of change and the steps that are so hard for me to do.  Jamie guided me through problem solving to identify a goal and was effective in helping me to realize the small steps [that helped] me to move forward in my life [and] serve others in a more effective way." 


"Jamie was invited to do a LIVE Facebook training for my sales team to kick off the new year. In the 30 minutes she was given she truly inspired us all and gave use some priceless tools to implement that will not only bless our business but also our personal relationships. This will not be the last time we invite Jamie to coach us."

-Becky Ward

"It is the healing I feel when I look into her eyes.  [Jamie] truly cares about people.  She cares about me.  Jamie is a person you can rely on [...] She is honest and dependable.  I would trust her with any job or any secret.

If you get to be lucky enough to have Jamie in your life it won't take long before you realize just how lucky you are."


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